LO is a Cuban American, Indie Pop artist based out of Dallas, Texas.

By blending elements of RnB and Pop, LO has seamlessly created her own unique, dreamy and dark sound. This sound has earned her a loyal fanbase and many

prominent gigs throughout Texas and California. She has played at many venues including Texas Live!, Trees, The Granada Theatre and the House of Blues. LO has

also played showcases such as So Far Sounds, Tacos and Tunes and Loft Stories. 


Over the past year, LO has been featured in the Dallas Observer, D Magazine and

Voyage Dallas. She continues to push the boundaries of sound and hopes to give

a voice to those who feel voiceless through the music.  


LO released her debut single, Soul + Body, on October 26, 2018 and her first self

titled EP, LO, on November 9th, 2018. She is currently self-producing her first full

length album that will be released in 2020.